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Are you safe?

Be Safe! Hire Smart! Review of a potential or current employer’s driving record can greatly help employers identify and mitigate risk liability in the workplace.

When used in compliance with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994, driving records can help employers avoid risk of third party lawsuits, medical bills, and other costs associated with automobile accidents by an employee whose primary role or even incidental role includes driving on the job.

If you are an employer with commercial drivers; or if you have employees who mostly work in the office but may attend meetings or conferences, visit clients or vendors, make inspections, or otherwise do work outside of the office, let CDR directly provide you with the driving records you need! Trust CDR to help you qualify potential employees so you can help reduce the risk of negligent hiring or possible negligible entrustment liability as you put only the safest drivers in your employ.

Insurance Agents, Refer Your Employer Clients to CDR! Insurance agents often remove themselves from providing driving records to their employer clients because of the cumbersome state and federal requirements around providing end-user reports such as driving records. You already trust CDR to provide the driving records you need for your underwriting, trust CDR to satisfy your employer clients with the driving records they need for employment!

Employers are choosing CDR for driving records that deliver:

  • Nationwide access – most MVRs available instantly
  • Powerful technology – so simple to use
  • Actionable reports – configurable to your needs
  • Responsive, dedicated support
  • Pricing that makes sense – never a hidden fee or surprise and no set up fees
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